Kelsey in Madrid

about me

Hi! My name is Kelsey. I love traveling, baking, food styling, and reading cookbooks. While baking has always been a part of my life, it really became my escape when I moved back home from undergrad. Baking became my way of coping from being away from the Bay Area and my close friends, who lived all across the country, and transitioning from being a student to working full-time. Searching for recipes and trying different combinations of food out have been a form of relaxation. 

This site has become so important to me because I love recommending places to eat and drink to my friends and family. Traveling gives me a chance to see what people eat throughout the world and it's also a peek into their culture and a reflection of the influence of social media (okay I'm done). 

What's your favorite food?

French fries, nacho cheese, scallops, baguettes, mushrooms, little gem lettuce, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, nectarines, Tillamook vanilla this became a top ten list and I'm okay with that. 

Coffee or tea?


other places you'll find me