Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city that brings me so much joy and will continue to be that place due to the vibrant art scene, delicious food and generously kind locals. Barcelona, like many Spanish towns, eats late, like, 10pm. For someone who normally falls asleep by 10pm, it was a surprisingly easy transition to eating and hanging out late. Now, I could have had a ball just by myself in a busy town, but one of my close girlfriends from college also came along. She was the one, in fact, who convinced us to go to Spain to begin with! Wendy and I had traveled together in the past during our study abroad days, and this trip completely validated our friendship and our ability to travel as a pair.

There aren't as many pictures as I would have liked here because I was so hungry that I often forgot to take a quick snapshot! Whether we found them on Yelp or we discovered them as famished travelers, each venue had a different vibe and  Below are some of my picks from my quick trip to Barcelona. 


Yelp suggested this tapas place for us and was a great place to rest at the end of our first day in Barcelona. Wendy loved this place so much actually, that we visited this place a second time for lunch. This second time was even better than before, because we arrived during a lunch special for only 13 euros. We chose three different tapas each, a drink and dessert. Our small table was full of dishes like a refreshing chef's salad, patatas bravas, pork loin, and risotto. It almost-but only almost- felt like we were stealing from them with the amount of food we ate. Is it bad that we 

El Nacional

This former parking garage has transformed into a gorgeous food hall. The walls are lined by a variety of different restaurants, while the middle of the building is occupied by a gelateria and a sprawling bar. We got in line for a restaurant called La Taperia because Wendy claimed "if there is a line, it must be good!" She was so right. I couldn't have been more pleased with our last night. La Taperia is a little different that the other tapas places we had visited throughout our trip. A set of tapas could be ordered immediately once we were seated, but the standard tapas dishes such as paella, mussels or patatas bravas were brought out by servers on trays. Customers would see what they would want to eat and would flag down the server. 

Also just as a side note, the bathroom is worth visiting too just to see all of the mirrors and clean white tiles! 

Tast a la Rambla

La Rambla is one of the main boulevards of the city, a constant hub of street peddlers trying to sell you annoying trinkets and subpar cafes. Really selling this area to you right now, huh? ;) Tast a la Rambla was an outdoor food and drink festival at the end of La Rambla, across from Placa del Portal de la Pau. Every booth featured little bites from various restaurants throughout the city. To make it easier on the vendors, there was a ticket system with one ticket at 1 euro. Each small tapas generally cost 4 tickets each, with wine and cocktails costing 4- 4.5 tickets. 

Satan's Coffee Corner

This little corner is actually one of my favorite coffee places during our whole trip, and honestly, one of my favorites in the whole world. This coffee shop hosts a very trendy crowd, with small cliques of art students scattered around the cafe. Huge windows encasing the cafe brought in beautiful light and was a great place to people watch. The standard location that tends to pop up on Instagram a lot is attached to Casa Bonay, another supremely peaceful and trendy hotel and lounge area (which I can geek out about another time because it was sooooo nice!!!). 

Satan's was more than just an aesthetically pleasing, hip place for the cool kids. I had a cortado at both locations and it was deliciously rich and crisp. The pluot galette was sprinkled with green sugar and gave a great crunch to the delicately soft pluots. Wendy and I also shared a raspberry glazed doughnut sprinkled with crunchy bits of pistachio. Needless to say, we had our fill of pastries by the end of breakfast from all of the beautifully crafted pastries.