Boot and Shoe Service

Boot and Shoe Service is among the weekend brunch establishments such as Penrose and Shakewell near Lake Merritt. Yesterday morning was my first time eating brunch here and I hadn't seen my friend Maci since winter so it was an exciting day. The cafe opened before the general brunch hours, and we stumbled across the back patio which I had no idea it existed and swooned over the beautiful pastries at the register. As the first group in line, we were seated right by the window and by an intricate piece of artwork filled with laser cut words. After much deliberation, summer vegetable gratin with a baked egg was the hearty, satisfying brunch decision this beautiful Saturday morning. While ingredients were simple, the assembly felt thoughtful and generous. The vegetables were tender and the egg was a necessary addition to round it out. Maci ordered a selection of sides: a single poached egg, a side of grilled country bread and a bowl of Dirty Girl strawberries. Excellent brunch with an excellent friend- who I found out is a master at parallel parking!!

Boot and Shoe Service was only the beginning of a fun day in the Bay Area. We drove around East Bay showing each other our favorite neighborhoods and discovering new places together. Above are some quick snapshots I took. Below is a quick list of some places we visited/things we did:

  • books forever at my favorite bookstore, Walden Pond
  • stationary, knickknacks and plants galore at Neighbor
  • purchasing matching bags at Baggu
  • finding out Doughnut Dolly no longer exists and has closed in Temescal (?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • basil Italian sodas at Elmwood Cafe
  • black sesame ice cream at Tara's Organic Ice Cream