Neighbor's Corner

Before I moved, using the bus was my least favorite mode of transportation. I would rather walk 45 minutes than take the bus. While taking the bus is still not my favorite, it's basically all I do now in San Francisco. With all this said, I passed by Neighbor's Corner by accident while riding the 48 one early Sunday morning and knew I needed to find it again, but on purpose this time. Tucked away in the hills on the corner of Douglas and 21st Street, I would have never found this place on my own (so thanks, SFMTA, I guess?). 

Neighbor's Corner serves Andytown coffee and a selection of pastries and light lunch items. The cafe also has a mini mart area, selling sandwiches and other lunch items and drinks to take away, and bookshelves of handmade ceramics. I sat at a long community table, slightly jealous of the people who nabbed the seats along the window. I snacked on a scallion and bacon cornmeal scone and a cortado, enjoying the natural light this cafe serves and instead of people watching, I saw at least ten different types of dogs pass by. Drinks are served in ceramic dish ware, making me feel even more at home than I had already felt when I first stepped inside. This place is extremely cute without trying too hard, even with its minimalist white walls and contemporary ceramic cups. If this cafe is already not perfect enough, bring your laptop and take advantage of their free wifi so you can work on your blog, you weird millennial. Neighbor's Corner is the ideal daytime hangout, so for all you freelancers out there, this place is paradise.