Vive La Tarte


Am I truly getting the full experience of Vive La Tarte if I don't purchase a tart? This question was immediately answered as I saw the range of tarts laid out neatly next to the register. To be honest, the pastries were the second thing I noticed when I first walked in; the wide open space to walk around and sit was honestly a bit surprising in a big city like San Francisco. Vive La Tarte hosts blank white walls, massive wood benches stacked along the wall and marble counters. The pastry cases boast a variety of croissants, quiches, pizzas and of course, tarts galore. Need caffeine? The coffee station sits across from the baked goods against a painted grey wall. While many spaces can typically hold groups of 2-3 comfortably, Vive La Tarte is a great space to meet up with a larger group of friends. And another perk? It's a six minute walk from the Civic Center BART station. You're welcome, go grab a tart.