Nash and Proper

Why even sugarcoat the truth: Nash and Proper offers the best fried chicken sandwich in Sacramento right now. This constantly moving food truck was brought to life from Cecil Rhodes, a Sacramento area native chef and his partner, Jake Bombard. This food truck can be found all over the Sacramento region, regularly visiting breweries like Device and Track 7 Brewing Co or Gather, Oak Park’s nighttime block party. Locations change regularly so it’s pertinent to keep up with their constantly changing gigs via Instagram or their website.


Everything about Nash and Proper is bold. Spicy levels vary in this order: naked (no spice), mild, medium, hot, cluckin’ hot. Hot chicken at Nash and Proper is no joke so be prepared to go mild, or cry from the spiciness. I ordered a mild hot chicken “sammich” and it was at the level of most places’ spiciest food tier; you’ve been warned!! The fried chicken sandwich itself is massive and requires both hands. Besides sandwiches, you can order chicken wings, tenders or “quarter bird” (boneless leg and thing). Sides include classics like crinkle fries, sweet coleslaw, potato salad and white bread. These great neutrals are must-haves with your super hot chicken. This hot chicken truck is not for the faint of heart, so get your game face on and get ready to sweat from the best fried chicken sandwich in Sactown.